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Introducing Enterprise Resource Manager

ZenSys, a leading ADF systems integrator, is proud to introduce the ‘Enterprise Resource Manager’, an easy to use tool to get a handle on your print operations’ resource usage. With a unique visualization technique, the tool offers a comprehensive view into an enterprise print operation’s resources independent of the print format.

The Enterprise Resource Manager offers a unique view of resources used in a print operation’s production jobs. Resources from transaction based printstreams in AFP, Metacode, DJDE/LCDS and PDF format can be collected, summarized and organized into a database for later retrieval, querying and reporting.

The Enterprise Resource Manager supports the notion of a ‘Site’, ‘Applications’ and Jobs within an application. Resources of a particular instance of a job are then tagged as belonging to that Job (and Application and Site). Through the Graphical User Interface, the resources can be viewed in a hierarchical ‘Explorer’ like tree fashion.

Unlock the power of your printstreams and move to the next level of accuracy and control in your production environment with the Enterprise Resource Manager from ZenSys – we save you time and money.

Major Features:

Platform Requirements:

Screenshots & Brochure:

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ERM Brochure