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AFP Utilities

AFP Resource Extractor Version 1.1

A standalone Windows command line program that extracts inline resources from an AFP file.


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AFP Resource extractor is a simple standalone Windows executable that allows you to extract inline AFP resources from an AFP file. It extracts all standard resources such as Code pages, Character Sets, PSEG's, Overlays, FormDefs etc. into separate external files.

The Resource extractor can write out each individual resource into a file in a specified directory. The resource extractor can optionally write out the input AFP file without the resources in it.

The resource extractor is a standalone program and does not require any other components to run. Installation is easy - simply unzip the executable and run it from a command line.


extract_afp_resources.exe -i input_file [-o output_file] [-r resource_dir] [-l] [-v]

Explanation of options:

-i     input_file The input AFP file from which to extract resources
-o     output_file Output AFP created without resources. This argument is optional.
-r     resource_dir Directory into which resources are to be extracted.
-l     List mode. Inline resources are listed but not extracted.
-v     Verbose mode

The program requires less than 1 Mbyte of memory and can run on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

Please review the 'Readme' file included in the zip file for more usage details.

      Please email aly@zensys.com for more information