Zen Systems has delivered innovative, high value solutions to the automated document production industry since 1995.  Peter Somu, Principal and CEO, is well known for his innovative yet pragmatic approach to problem solving.  A graduate of Osmania University in India with a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University, Peter is well rounded and highly experienced.  Under Peter’s leadership, Zen Sys has worked closely with leading software and hardware manufacturers as well as many end users to architect and develop “best in class” ADF solutions across a range of platforms and in a variety of installation environments.

Peter is an expert in a wide range of languages, operating systems, databases and document composition and print stream manipulation applications in the traditional print arena as well as web presentment systems and straight client-server database applications.  He prides himself on knowing how to use the right tool for the job, whether that be Perl and StreamWeaver in an MVS environment or Manifest Reporter, .Net and SQL in a Windows database driven inserting environment.

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