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Introducing Mail Data Miner

Do you own or have implemented a cutting edge file or database driven inserting system from industry leaders like Pitney Bowes, Bowe Bell & Howell, Kern or Gunther? Production data, including job, operator and machine information, as well as individual piece data such as customer account number, postal manifest information, and insert and page count data is gathered at file creation and inserter runtime and is stored in file for later use.

The challenge isn’t to gather the data, it’s to use the data once the files have been generated for production or when inserting is complete. Sure, you can drive an inserter and gather production metrics and manage reprints using the vendor’s proprietary tools, but how do you take the next step and actually gain ownership and control of the valuable production data generated in on your shop floor?

Zen Sys is proud to introduce Mail Data Miner, an easy to use tool to enable you to unlock the contents of these popular files. With a rich graphical display and a powerful filtering capability, you can query inserter control files to determine stock and insert requirements in advance of insertion, capture and report production metrics and operations characteristics on a mail piece, job, operator or inserter level, and easily interface these results with external CRM, inventory management and print management systems.

Mail Data Miner also provides a powerful analytical capability that allows a production manager or operations analyst to determine the impact of page count, set distribution, and insert utilization, for example, on production throughputs or postal utilization. Mail Data Miner unlocks the data hidden in your production job files, and enables you to gain an unprecedented understanding of your production environment in a graphical and easy to understand manner.

In addition to production analysis tools and MIS integration, your programming staff can use the Mail Data Miner to speed the development of inserter production files for new applications. By comparing newly developed MRDF, IDF or KIC files against previously created data file configurations your developers can quickly and easily determine the accuracy of their work without expensive print and insertion testing on the shop floor.

Unlock the power of your data and move to the next level of accuracy and control in your production mail environment with the Mail Data Miner from Zen Sys.

Major Features:

View and Query Pitney Bowes, Bowe Bell & Howell and Kern inserter files (MRDF, IDF and KIC files) with a single tool

Platform Requirements:

Screenshots & Brochure:

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